Memories of the Celtic Tiger


Tight bastard.


[SIZE=5]D4 dort accent will disappear after economic crisis’, says language expert-[/SIZE]
A leading expert on language, diction and vocabulary believes that the ‘affected D4’ accent, referring to the distinct pronunciation of people on the ‘DART line’ will soon disappear

But. what would Ross O’Carroll Kelly think?

Lexicographer Terence Dolan, who has compiled the third Hiberno-English dictionary. said that he believes the accent will become outdated due to its associated with wealth, and subsequently the Celtic Tiger era - whose roar is little more than a meow these days.

“This absurdly affected speech will probably disappear in the aftermath of the financial turmoil,” he explained on Morning Ireland on RTE Radio One.

"The D4 accent is connected with wealth, so if you’re rich enough, you can pretend to be really rich through your accent.

“It’s a different line of questioning. How good you are to society, or posh, etc.”

He explained that the accent, made famous by the Ross O’Carroll Kelly book series, is “affected” and not a natural speech pattern.

“Because it’s affected speech,” he responded when asked about the possibility of some individuals simply ‘speaking that way’.

“It’s people like that who actually put on ‘o’ vowels [and thus change the pronunciation of a word].”

Mr Dolan also discussed colloquial phrases like ‘Dubes’, saying that it is a “commercial word for shoes. Dubarry shoes are very famous for the young to use. It’s like the D4 accents, it’s a sign of style. The style of success, the style of being with it.”

As he prepares for the release of the third dictionary, Mr Dolan explained that in order to compile the most accurate and up-to-date vocabulary listing, he eavesdrops on other conversations and appeals to the public for popularly used colloquialisms.

“I have people writing from all over the country, especially women,” he said.

"Women are much better at men at this sort of thing, they’re much more sensitive to the way people speak.


House on Leeson Street - conspicuous consumption is back, Celtic Tiger vibe to the place

There is a confidence returning to the streets of Dublin.


[quote=“TheUlteriorMotive, post: 844447, member: 2272”]House on Leeson Street - conspicuous consumption is back, Celtic Tiger vibe to the place

There is a confidence returning to the streets of Dublin.[/quote]

It never left Dublin sure. There’s been queues into every club on Harcourt Street every Saturday night since 2005. Dublin is in an economy of its own.


yeah but people were proud of getting drinks deals in Dicey Reillys
my sense is it is only a matter of months before Superquinn bring the Bling Water back to the shelves


Dublin is recession proof it always has loads of 20-30 somethings cash rich with no obligations.


At some point, the Chinese will stop lending. Then we are all fucked.


Some bloke on the radio, who’s credentials I have no idea of, predicted a massive financial crisis in China in the next 9-12 months.


+1. We are all fucking loaded up here.


It’s cute cunts like me earning my crust up here and spending my earnings down the country that will plot the downfall of Dublin.


It’s cute cunts like you who bought houses 2 hours away from where they worked that brought about the property crash, mate.


Nah mate, I bought on the cheap in Dublin and rented it out now at an over inflated price which pays the mortgage on it and half my rent down the country. I’d be cute that way. There must be Kerry breeding in me somewhere.


A great bunch of lads.


I was in the Dundrum shopping centre today. Holy fuck! The Celtic Tiger is roaring in there. Crazy amount of overpriced shops.


Yeah but it’s the income tax on the rent that’s the killer. With low interest rates, not much you can write off against it and tax at about 50% it’s a right pain


If you declare it :oops:


True enough. I’m in a similar situation an am declaring. Revenue are looking desperately for cash and their databases are improving all the time with property tax etc. too much of a risk to ignore I reckon, even if it’s a right kick in the nuts each year. Could build up a massive liability with penalties etc otherwise.


Yeah I’m wondering how long it will last. Depends on the tenants I guess. If you’ve people from abroad who are never going to claim rent relief I guess it might help delaying things. Doubt it’ll last.


There must be huge amounts of accidental landlords out there in a similar position - a right prick of a situation.


naturally enough Im paying tax on my rental property.

Ive heard of two cases where revenue have caught people not declaring rental income and the penalties are huge

too risky not to declare it