Memories of the Celtic Tiger


I’m only looking out for a fellow Galwegian.


Sid hates Galway. He was absolutely seething when they beat wexford. Hates the footballers also.


Neither of us are from Galway as far as I know, mate.


Galway are my fourth least favourite hurling team, mate, although I must admit to having had a chuckle when Cork have ambushed them in the past, as they’ll no doubt do again this year if they play them.

I don’t really have anything against the Galway footballers. In fact I’m a fair weather friend of them and can be occasionally seen down at Terryland Park.




You make that sound like a bad thing


The green eyed monster is out and about.


Not really, no




I got a reaction, mission accomplished.




And they still available :joy:


I saw Ed in 2015 in Croke Park, it was a great show but I’m so over him now.



Déjà vu

Spacious three-beds in the commuter-friendly ‘Venice of Ireland’ from €235,000


Monastrevin the fucking Venice of Ireland ? That beats Banagher .


Does it get flooded a lot?


“the something of Ireland”, Monasterevin, exclusive development, less than hour from Dublin,

Ah yes, we’re back baby.


? sure youd hardly build them for 235


A stones throw from Junction 14

Cc @Juhniallio


The description of Monasterevin