Memories of the Celtic Tiger


maybe edit your post then?


Reminds of the time they had houses in Castledermot for sale and described them as being a stone’s throw from the m50


Maybe go fuck yourself?


Is the Hazel hotel still going ?


is it to much to expect some standards round here?


You could build a hut in darndale made from hardened cowshit and some wordsmith could tart it up for the gullible .


Sure if we had standards then you’d be fucked out on your ear


It is, I wouldn’t go trying to get a room in it though


Does it still have a strong “country and western” ?


More an eastern feel to it now, Middle Eastern


I saw a sign for a car dealership the other day. “We arrange finance, bad credit no problem”

We are back baby.


I’ve heard recently of a family who were able to partially remortgage to buy a camper van. Only 1 guaranteed income in the house. The bank tried to offer them about 20k more than they wanted / needed. It’s like the 00’s were just a blank space in people’s memory or something.


I for one won’t be missing out on the boom times this go around. I’m going to get up to my bollox in debt so that when we are bailing out the banks the next time I’ll at least get some value out of it.


Make sure you owe enough to get a nice chunk of it written off.
You need to be owing 1m +.


It’d only be a fool who didn’t take that extra 20k


Here Here. I’m left with a small mortgage and no other personal debt. I’m unleashing the beast this time round.


Oh ya for sure. You don’t want to be a smuck with a couple of hundred grand owing, you want to be the lad that owes them so much that they pay you a couple of hundred grand a year to “work out” the assets that you couldn’t afford in the first place. I’ll have a few sponds buried out the back as well and a few houses in the other halfs name.


A few credit union loans and bank loans and off to the breeze up in Goresbridge. Then buy a few more from the in training sales in Cheltenham in November. Find a young up and coming trainer who wants to make a name for himself. You’d have a hell of a year out of it before it starts to unravel


Lad told me that in the glory days it was common for cars to be leased in name of a company. After one month the direct debit would be stopped. Would take about six to nine months for the car dealership to get arse in gear to seize the car. Free car.

Rinse and repeat.