Microsoft Office

Is there somewhere I can get this online without paying for it?

PM Cluainduic and he’ll sort you out

Just download openoffice…

Just did this. Can I type stuff up on this and open it in Microsoft Word on a different computer?

Try TorrentRover.

Just create account on and you can use the web versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Open Office will allow you to save files in Word, Excel etc format.
Fuck Bill Gate$ and Micro$oft, go open source.

I have ran a pivot table with multiple periods (Jan-13,Jan -14 right up to today Feb-17) as columns. I want to be able to sort the columns in date order from earliest to latest. Is it possible to do this instead of manually dragging each column into position.


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That’s one for @Big_Dan_Campbell.

Let me consult my intern, he handles such trivial tasks for me and I will revert back


So you pivoted them into columns? Would you not just sort them by date in the rows pre pivot

That sounds like it could work. I will try that. Thanks for the help Julio.

Meanwhile these are the scenes in the Puke/Chewy Louie/Big Mick McCarthy/Big Roaster’s office.

Which is which?

Is that not the @Joe_Player/@ChocolateMice workplace?

Anyone know any links to free word for a new laptop or know where to get it on the chape?

It’s great value.

If you have a hotmail or outlook email account you can use the Online versions for free afaik.

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Torrent site, download the whole lot for nothing.

Would there be something similar for the Adobe Creative Cloud. Premium Pro specifically