Milan v United

2-0 at half time and much deserved for the Milanese.

Not surprised that they’ve passed it better than United (in fact United have improved on that score in the last 20 minutes) because they’ve been first class with most of their play.

I am surprised that United seem to be unprepared for the formation Milan are deploying considering there’s nothing new or different about it from any other Milan game this season. Kaka is continuing to find loads of space - Carrick doesn’t want to know - and Seedorf and Pirlo are drifting into dangerous aread untracked by the midfield. The full backs are tearing forward as well and creating massive amounts of space.

I think Scholes will pick it up second half as he did in the first leg. Rooney, Giggs and Ronaldo have been out of touch but can improve. I think Carrick is their biggest problem. He didn’t want to know out there so far. He’s just stood and watched proceedings and only put his hand up for a pass when he’s in acres of space. No assumption of responsibility on the ball and certainly not working hard enough off it.