Missing forum member @myboyblue

Hope everything’s OK, a chara.

Champions always find a way to come back.


On a more serious note, hope all is okay @myboyblue[/USER]. [USER=236]@Fitzy misses you something wicked.

Hope all’s well @myboyblue.

I heard himself Mark Renton and Henry Martin are writing a book on the heartbreak that goes with being on the internet 24/7.

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You rotten cunt. :mad:

Get well soon, @myboyblue

Ger Lough was drafted in instead of Henry as a ghost writer.

Get well soon? Have I missed something??

Nobody knows anything here, mate, forum member @myboyblue[/USER] is famously reticent about his personal life. However this place needs a fly to irritate our collective skins, and nobody can do the job as well. [USER=234]@HBV* is trying manfully but just isn’t cutting it. We need the Queen’s County man back.

what do posters suspect has happened to @myboyblue ?
if the cops have as most of suspect seized his laptop then they may look in here and realize there is a whole new dimension to the internet

Anyone seen Fenners lately?

They caught him then did they? Was the girl released from her captivity?

Probably still getting over his beloved Laois getting mugged off up in Ballycastle.

Not long before he disappeared he mentioned he was in Malahide. I think EG and TSG have a lot to answer for here.

I miss him


As he is a raving arse bandit can be found on the canvas for the yes vote

Sean, would you ever stop speaking shite. It was mildly amusing for the first 20 odd posts but is becoming tedious and annoying now. Either up your game or fuck off back to the Clare Hurlers cess pit.

Kind Regards

I’d like to be the first to congratulate @myboyblue on a successful rebrand. :clap: