Missing members


No. A few times a year @Fagan_ODowd goes into deep prowl mode. We might not hear from him for weeks but he’s about alright. I just hope he’s back to give up to the minute advice during my Dunmore East jaunt in a couple of weeks.




Will you pass on the arrangements please? We should send a telegram


Are you serious? ? No mess


So his ok


Thanks @Juhniallio glad to hear that x


Fagan is grand.


THats a relief, because @Tassotti is the obvious choice to leave word with, it was all so believable


Why would you believe him you silly cunt, he’s on a wind up daily. Jesus, are you always this much of a rube?


Hey in defense of @backinatracksuit I believed him too.


He died doing what he loved.


Listening to vinyl with Bobby?


Christ :neutral_face:


Mate, @Tassotti isn’t even a bullshitter, he’s just a made up character, don’t ever pay attention to him, there’s enough gobdaws here to do that


No need for the comma mate. I take your comment at face value.


Tassotti is Internet royalty.


He is if youre pleb that subscribes to such values… you’ve been living in tan land too long, mate.


Us females are so much easier to figure out


You don’t need to tell me that. Sure you’re halfway there yourself down in Cark