Missing People In Ireland


He was shiteing out of him around Christmas again. You could be on the money with your thinking though :thinking:


Twas the first thing crossed my mind tbh.





Looks like Gemma O’Doherty.

Although I think in Gemma’s case it’s just her sanity that has gone missing, never to be found.


Is there a TFK consensus on whether this lad is guilty or not? The only motive I can fathom for someone else doing it would appear to be a mercy killing.


I think the most plausible theory at the time was she was bei g bulled by some young buck and did a runner


He’s an odd fish but doubt he had the smarts to have her vanish without leaving something incriminating.


:grin: not sure what the consensus here is. It’s never too far away from the partner in these cases, if indeed she was murdered


All the signs seem to point in his direction. The one doubt I have, and it’s a big one, is that the Cork Gardai think he did it.


:grin: I find it an almost unbelievable coincidence it was him who managed to ‘discover’ her suitcase all the same…


He comes across as a bit simple no doubt.


Don’t they all?


I mean Fred West didn’t come across as Oxford/ Cambridge material


Looking at the facts of the case then Richie is involved.

Her husband, last person to see her alive, took an age to report her missing, no sign of Tina on any CCTV despite house being in middle of town, no witnesses either.

But he is very convincing in his story about not being involved and I don’t think he has the intelligence to lie so well.


True that


Yeah and there doesn’t seem to be any other suspects. He didn’t report her missing for a week.



Buck fuckin eejit,was going to call him a Langer,but wouldn’t insult langers


The default position now is just to set up a go fund me page instead of his “loved ones” taking the hit themselves