Missing People In Ireland


I had this thread up earlier but deleted it in case people threw hissy fits but fook it - I'd be interested to know:

If you had the individual power to find only one of Ireland's missing people then who would you choose and why?

The poll limit is 10 so apologies if your personal favourite isn't on the list.


Mac, is your decision based on county loyalties or something else?

I went for Deely as I live and work in the area he went missing and all the posters around the place are an absolute eye-sore.


Who's Priscilla Clarke?

I was wondering how long it would take for such a poll to crop up....

Pity any of the people on it didn't....


Philip Kearns cos I watched a documentary on it a while back.

The thing with the bag being found a week later, my card was marked once I saw that.


Voted for Dollard (Dullard?)....

She is the most high profile so most interest would be in her case...

Must say I would be like to see Deirdre Jacob found because all signs point to that fooker Murphy for that one and that might give the cops something to hang the cunt on...


Fooked if I know who she is Farmer. Got stuck on 8 people and had the 'other - please specify' option to fall back on for #10 so needed one more. Found missingpeople.ie or something via google and her name made me laugh.


gussie shanahan............


Tell us about him Puke.


not exactly sure on the details....he is missing a good 7 or 8 years now at this stage his father was a bank manager in limerick....disappeared rumour has it that fell in with the wrong crowd in the city and was done away with....

always remember him because a friend of my brother would say if there was an awkward silence " any sign of gussie shanahan these days lads"


My mother used to teach in Bridgetown Bandage and I think either taught her or some of her family years ago. The latest anyway is that her body is buried under those windmills near Ladys Island and it'll never be found cos they won't dig up all that concrete and take the windmills down temporarily as it would cost to much and it cost a fortune to put them up in the first place.


Jo Jo Dollard for the same reasons as Farmer.

I remember all the posters and what not about Gussie Shanahan from my time in colaiste in Limerick alright but had forgotten all about him.

It's funny (in the non-humorous way) the way you hear about all these people going missing down through the years, take it on board at the time, forget about it a couple of days/weeks later but 5, 10, 15 even more years later the families of these people are still looking for answers.

Losing a parent/sibling/child/friend in this way is much worse than losing them to death IMHO.


Fiona Sinnott, don't know her but her name suggests she's shagable??


I was thinking along those lines too Benny. Which one of them is most shaggable? Deely isn't my type as he is too masculine looking.http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Can we get pictures to go with the selections?


Deeley cause its the only one I remember seeing posters for. They really went all out to find him. Say he just left the country cause his friends were too overbearing.


I almost wet myself laughing at that last post Shan. Genius


Ah jaysus, I know this is in jest, but still....


In bad taste flano. For shame.


Ask my arse!


If you don't like sick humour TFK might not be a good choice in forum TheDunph!


Philip Kearns for me with Deeley a close second. They're the two that were most high profile for me but I think Kearns would be slightly more interesting because:
a) he's missing longer and
http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif there's a chance he's been in a cult which would make for an awesome story.