Momo Sylla

Just watching Celtic TV here where Celtic are giving St Johnstone a right hiding in 2000. Momo Sylla is playing right wing back and it’s impossible to believe that O’Neill signed him, once you see how bad he was in this game. Bobby Petta is absolutely destroying him. He keeps getting caught out of position and then just watching the game go by.

In fairness to the lad he did have a bit of push and shove with Alan Hun Kernaghan.

When I saw the thread title I thought Momo must have died or something as I never thought he’d warrant his own thread! An absolutely terrible footballer but he did do a job that night in Anfield during the Seville season.

He actually came onto a game a bit in the second half but it’s still astonshing that O’Neill signed him the following summer after that display against us. It’s funny anytime I see that Liverpool game on Celtic TV and you look at Jamie Smith and Momo Sylla as our wingers.