More Bullshit

Of late it became clear that I am largely out of the loop with the proactive strategy adopted by’s most vocal critic, and to remedy this knowledge gap I decided to revisit some former ballparks and touch base.

While it did extend the knowledge base of some of its members, the bottom line photobucket evidence suggested that the implementation team was not concerned with total quality nor was it quality driven. Normally I would compliment such a brave attempt to think outside the park, but its intention was a better strategic fit for I must also note that the band width on display showed vigorous traffic, and following an extensive Gap Analysis on the hard ball, I am satisfied that’s members would not see any value added if the same opportunity was provided more locally.

The Benchmark of this market remains, and was not in anyway threatened by this gameplan. will continue to use its client focus(ed) results driven members as leverage in the battle to win heart and hole.

It is the win win mindset that sets apart, and will continue to empower its members with its continued synergy with MyBoyBlue’s babe files and North County Corncrake’s templates for success. will continue to fast track its member’s claims of celebrity news, sightings and eating habits. It will continue to be an open house for all; be they fat, small, from Clare, with big tits or small ones. will maintain the integrity of its welcome mat for all cunts.


Do I get the turkey hamper or the bottle of Sandemans?

the thread title is an apt one alright

You’re fired!

dont read this more than twice, i think mgg is trying to hypnotise us

you can’t fire me Pike
I’m a Warrior Princess

I think a 6 sigma approach and a bit more synergy between the Malliance and the Alliance will have us sailing in clear waters soon enough

Well, you’ve run it up the flagpole MGG, but not many saluting?

We’re just not singing off the same Hymn Sheet Fitz.

(I’ll engage someone with more testosterone to hoist it up at a future date.)