More GGA shame part 15234322435676544

not confirmed yet but word has reached me that tyrone ‘stars’ arrested in drunken brawl - not confirmed if it relates to dogfighting yet?

Rumours that a woman’s arse got pinched during the high jinx appear to be unfounded.

how did Her Majestys High court rule Ncc,seein as you gave them jurisdiction against against the down gang rapists

Is this another Willie Fraizer exclusive Ncc?

TASE, just thought you might be interested in this latest case for your files. Some pictorial evidence is provided below from the Limerick Intermediate football final over the weekend where Pallasgreen players assaulted Claughaun players after the final whistle. They had to lock the gates so that the Pallas “supporters” watching on couldn’t get on the pitch to join in. Apparently they were trying to pull down the gate and climb the fence. Very unsavoury stuff.

You’d see worse at Donkey Ford’s or The Lobster Pot.

Looks like handbags really.

What does GGA stand for?

its pronounced scum not hand

Good job he’s spelling it not pronouncing it so.


More shame to come for the association with news that a county is in dire financial straits and despite already being bailed out earlier this year, are again in serious financial trouble and have now lost their shirt sponsor. Disgraceful.


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It saddens me to confirm this Bandage. It truly does. The GGA are considering taking over their finances.


Somebody on the Kildare Co Board gonna be in trouble here i wonder???

I imagine the next Co Board meeting going something along the lines of the following,

I’m blaming McGeeney for all this

Tegral are their current sponsor, aren’t they? I imagine the construction industry downturn has negatively impacted their business. Surprised they’ve actually remained onboard for as long as they have done with that backdrop.


Could a Kerry Group logo be seen on a Kildare jersey next year i wonder? :strokechin: