More shame for LFC and their cunts of fans

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I don’t know how @Thomas_Brady sleeps at night

@tazdedub blaming chelsea fans now - ffs


@Aertel220 wtf mate?


I’m sorry to say but this has put a serious dampner on Liverpool FCs historic achievments this year :frowning_face:

Always the victims, never to blame.


Haven’t they heard there’s a world pandemic. People are dying, very irresponsible. Klopp needs to come out now and make his voice heard

Mayor Joe Anderson considers ‘curfew’ as city centre gatherings ‘get out of hand’

People drinking in the city centre are being urged to go home after thousands gathered to celebrate Liverpool winning the Premier League



Jenny KirkhamSenior Digital Night Reporter

  • 22:01, 26 JUN 2020
  • UPDATED22:09, 26 JUN 2020


Joe Anderson is considering a “curfew” for the city after a number of large gatherings reportedly got out of hand.

The Liverpool mayor has expressed concerned over incidents in town after thousands flocked to waterfront to celebrate Liverpool winning the Premier League.

Urging people to go home and to leave the city centre safely, Joe has said he is working closely with Merseyside Police who are keeping an eye on the situation.

His comments come after fireworks were let off at the Pier Head and a number of people were dispersed from the area by police for being intoxicated.

While many celebrated cheerfully over the momentous occasion, playing music and waving flags, Joe said that others are causing disorder on the city’s streets.

He told the ECHO : "We are becoming increasingly concerned about the situation in the city centre after thousands of fans gathered together again to celebrate Liverpool’s Premier League win.

"I was made aware that areas close to the Pier Head are also now rammed, such as Castle Street and Dale Street.

Liverpool fans at the Pier Head.(Pic Andrew Teebay).

"People are drinking and causing problems and we just want to make sure that everyone stays safe.

"Large gatherings like these are still not something the city needs as coronavirus continues to be a real risk for us here.


“But we also don’t want any incidents, fuelled by alcohol that could lead to anyone being hurt or involved with police.”

Speaking about the idea of a curfew, mayor Anderson said: "I have spoke to the chief constable of Merseyside Police and he is also concerned about the situation.

Police at the Pier Head

"We are asking people to go home and he has assured me that silver command are ready to respond to the situation and are currently monitoring it.

"Tomorrow we will look again at what we can do to make sure people are kept safe and this doesn’t keep happening.


“Maybe a curfew could be put in place as police powers have already been upped in the city to deal with anti-social behaviour.”

In a message to the people in the city, Joe has said: "Please vacate the city centre safely and for the safety of others.

Liverpool fans at the Pier Head.(Pic Andrew Teebay).

“Lets make sure that we are not causing difficulty for each other or our police force and please head home to celebrate.”

A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council also shared an image to show how large the crowd at the Pier Head was, even hours after groups started arriving there.


They said: "Celebrations are continuing into a second evening in Liverpool - but please remember that #COVID19 still poses a threat.

“It’s vital that you keep your distance from others who are not in your household.”

After thousands of fans came together on Thursday night to celebrate at Anfield and the city centre, Merseyside Police also asked people to stay at home to celebrate.

The message was echoed by Liverpool FC. The club tweeted: “Celebrate safely Reds and respect our city’s public health.”

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Carden said: "The overwhelming majority of fans have recognised the fact that now is not the time to gather together to celebrate, and chose to mark the event safely.

"They are a credit to this city.

"Unfortunately, as we have seen throughout the lockdown period, not everyone adhered to the regulations in place.

"Although the vast majority of celebrations were good natured, a large number of people chose to gather outside the stadium.


"In the days ahead, we urge supporters to do the right thing and celebrate safely with members of your household and in your social bubble.

“By doing this you keep yourself, your family, friends and neighbours safe.”

Police officers in the city have been given new powers to disperse people from the area around the stadium over the weekend.

Pity the poor front liners working their balls and tiddies off the last few months and now have to go through it all again because LFC scummo’s like @lonelyisland236 and @balbec are behaving like animals

And ye all thought they wouldn’t be able to celebrate

Some auld soccer tournament and they’re losing the run of themselves. The amount of we and ye’s giving it big licks on Irish Facebook and the like is quiet frankly, fucking embarrassing.


Outdated corporate infastructures like LFC and Man U should just bite the bullet and merge like FF and FG did. No one can tell them apart least of all themselves. You could throw Spurs inbto the mix as the junior partner too if it helps sweeten the deal