More Shame for the GAA #4815162342



Non story here.

You’d imagine any U14 Donegal footballer worth his salt would have been able to burst through the door if he really wanted to.


It’s no wonder rugby is becoming so popular in Donegal.



A crowd of Red Hugh’s lads apparently.

You would have difficulty finding a more backward club in Ireland. They have a different pitch for hurling (Setanta) and football (Red Hughs) because the hurling club tried to hoodwink the Gaelic Football lads in fundraising a couple of years back.


Time some of these mini hitlers were held accountable for their actions



I’m unsurprised he’s unsurprised.


He’s lucky they didn’t ate him


The same Brian Gavin who was suspended for abusing match officials at a club match in Offaly?


If he wasn’t acting the gowl he’d be grand.