More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong



Fight the cancer


Cafés and other casual dining establishments who try to entice potential customers with “witty” chalk board banter outside their premises.







The cause I work for is the future
And you make loads of cash on your computer
Your taking a wage that is obscene
Going home to your field full of limousine
Bo! Boe! Barrup!


did you ever drink a latte out of a jam jar?


It’s Wine O’Clock somewhere.



Food game again?


Not this time.

Seeing the same cringey stuff in different places after something gets spotted on instagram.

In here - amazing coffee.
Around the corner - sharks!



I’d ate that


The ingredients list on those McDonnell’s Currys is shocking if I remember correctly


Number is about 20 too low for you?


Finding a €50 All For One voucher you got ages ago but then discovering that due to the monthly charges you’ve only €12 left on it.


They’re some shower of cunts in that place. Along with juniors and lotts there’s a ridiculously high ratio of cunts to delis in that vicinity


Juniors and Lotts have the same owners. Part owners along with lads from the Bath of the Old Spot as well.


Cunts, the whole lot of them


People that feel the need to comment on youtube videos - to tell us what brought them there or how they feel and how the song reminds them of some moment in their life … FOAD.


Beautiful post. Sitting here with a bottle of my favourite Irish Whiskey and it reminds of the time @chocolatemice told some cunt on the internet to fuck off and die.