More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Bottle of Perseco is 5 euros cheaper in some places then a bottle of buckfast.

Things That Are Wrong
Things That Are Wrong

Fools. They’ve just missed a red card followed by a classic goal from Pats. Rovers keeper with an airball fuckup. Hilarious stuff.


A bit harsh coming from yourself, Sid. Better be a grown man competing in a host of fantasy internet worlds?


They’re not fantasy worlds. They’re merely imagined.


Irish estate agents. Cunts couldn’t sleep straight. What the fuck is it with them and Irish land and housing? Are we a fundamentally corrupt nation??


The same as those car dealer pricks like @carryharry


Someone’s jealous TFKNFLFF is about to start up and he’s standing outside the fire, standing outside the fire


Waking up in Tipperary to the distant sound of a cattle roaring. God knows what been done to them.

I’ll say a little prayer here. #sickfucks


Where did you go to sleep?


Beside my wife mate.


I’ve the kettle on KP buddy,call over and we can have a chat about next weekends match. The bants will be great.


Jesus mate, only for the ballsed up notification alert on here it could have happened. I had some high level match banter over an electric fence with an ould Tipp fella this morning, he reckons we’ll target Paudies bad shoulder.


I said no such thing…


Eh, what the fuck is going on?


:eek: :anguished:


The fallout of the new Limerick GAA thread that Rocko is about to create should be hilarious.

Getting rid of pagination is great - for threads below 10,000 posts.


What a fucking shambles.


In 9,983 posts we’ll all regret that you wasted a post with this tripe and we’re on the third Things That Are Wrong thread


Just seen that, holy shit, can you fucking imagine the outrage they’re going to come out with when they see this?


This is the price we pay for progress :frowning: