Most obscene recurring TFK argument - Nominations Thread

Put them in here

Edit: Anyone actually discussing these tired repetitive arguments in this thread will be banned for a week



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Is tennis on grass more or less noteworthy than tennis on clay?

Net Spend - Genuine Achievement or Load of Bollox


I’ve an awful feeling this thread could actually kick off these tired repetitive arguments

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Grass for me.

Ulster football load of shite or unfair bear pit


Did @Juhniallio and his family flout planning laws in erecting an unsightly gable end extension during the lifetime of the Rainbow Coalition sometime between 1994 and 1997?


Donald Trump saviour of the World or Hitler

This should be called pointless look at me posts by Sidney against any number of posters?

That’s not an argument. @Juhniallio has never denied this

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Banned for 1 week

@Rocko / @padjo please fill out the paperwork

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Ronaldo vs Messi vs Maradonna vs Fat Ronaldo

The strength of Limerick’s squad

The crowd at my sport is bigger than the crowd at your sport is my personal fave but probably not niche enough for this thread.

Munster or Leinster Hurling Championship?

Are the RNLI a seafaring UVF?

TV Viewership/ESRI participation reports etc

Without doubt the best world leader since Hitler.

Did @thedancingbaby eat his own shit once in Glasgow