Motor Sport Thread

I know Sid set something up a few weeks ago but I can’t find it.

I see an Irish lad was killed in the Isle Of Man TT yesterday, bringing to 3 the number of people killed there this week.
He’s the 234th person to be killed since the series started in 1911. That’s an average of almost 10 people every 3 years. Mental
That’s insane. Why do these fellas do it?

Young fella killed up the road from here a few hours ago… Participating in Hill climb event.


Scene of a crash in a bike race up North at the weekend

Irish fella killed at this years event, the 3rd so far.
There has been 32 deaths in the last 10 years.

That’s insane.

Sweep sweep.

All of the riders in this thing every year would have about dozen brain cells between them and would see it as a success to get out through the weekend alive. These road races should be banned

That video last year of the head on collision was horrible.

I made a cunt up booming [quote=“flattythehurdler, post:8, topic:14452, full:true”]
That video last year of the head on collision was horrible.

You know the score flatty… link?

@carryharry will you be watching Le Mans today?

Not a sport.


God no.

I must say though, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the F1 Season so far.
It’s looking like a very close run thing so far between Cunt Hamilton & Alright Sort Vettel