Mount Everest & other Feats of Endurance

Anyone tempted to climb it? You didn’t seem to need too much experience or anything like that anymore.

not really tempted myself.

I believe one of NCC’s forefathers was one of the first handful to scale it…

Shes a tidy piece of ass.

I did that yesterday. The mountain and yer wan.

It led NCC into a lifetime of always wanting to get high.

Still you’d have to say Everest isn’t what it used to be. It’s even being climbed by 13 year olds these days.

I thought if you die up there, you more or less stay up there, as it’d too difficult to bring bodies down.

The unwritten rule is you leave em up there.

Somebody should tell Mrs Lawless that.

Very sad. Part of me thinks it’s a bit selfish going up there when you’ve small kids in case of death but I suppose it’s a magnificent achievement. If you’re gonna die somewhere it’s not roo bad a place.

In one way leaving bodies on Everest does seamus as a species but Everest is a pretty lawless place


There’s much better summits to die upon mate. Above on Sofia Vergara to name just one.

Very fucking selfish.


Fuck that

No need to bring Seamus into it. :mountain_snow:

Fully agree, wtf would you be thinking.

Would the body need to be attempted to be found for Life Insurance purposes?

Introducing Tipperary’s next box office murder suspect…@carryharry!

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I think the stat is 1:9 on Everest. Something like 1:3 on K2.

Not a pass time for parents.

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K2 is still the preserve of proper mountaineers. Everest is bucket list for rich tourists now. Sherpas pretty much march and carry their clients to the summit.


Lad I know who is fairly experienced climber applied to some tour group recently to climb Everest, but they rejected his application as they reckoned he hadn’t enough experience.

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