Muck savage paedo stick supporters


Somebody think of the little lads from Mauritius :smiley:


flano knows the score

The GGA need to be fined heavily for that display today. Wankers.

Flano stick up the odds for the 5 in a row there will you? :thumbsup:

All GGA supporters should be answerable for this! You should hang your heads in shame.

All bets are off. There will be no GGA after this.

Fair enough flano, thanks anyway though.

One question though, why were you watching the game?

I wasn’t. I was watching America’s game, Cowboys 1995. When it finished I started to flick around to see what was on. I pretty much caught the last whistle of the game and saw a bunch of inbred cunts trying to walk on each other. Where were the batons you garda fools? Beat the shit out of them for fuck sake.


Ball Ox was at the All Ireland today.

:smiley: :thumbsup: