Mug of Tea

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Will you have one yourself?

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Yes and maybe 2

Would you hate the mug?

Can’t bate it!

I would. What about yourself?

I’d be fierce partial to a mug of Barry’s tea but recently the mrs came home with bewleys gold blend, it’s a savage tea tbf

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I’d be having 6 or 7 cups a day.

Oh I’d slosh in a drop out of the kettle and give it a good slosh.

Bewleys is mighty tack.

A fry and a big pot of strong tay, oh lawd there’s nothing better.


Bewleys is pure muck compared to Barry’s. You’d be as well drinking earl grey

10+ out of nothing more than pure habit

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Barry’s all day lads. No tae comes near it.

Says the Cork man.

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Good Blueshirt tea

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The last few weeks I left the bag in the cup. Is this disgusting?

I take my tea weak. So yes.

Probably best to start on a new one.

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It’s habit now because I’ve been using disposable cups more due to covid and it’s hard to get a good strong cup without leaving the bag in.

I’m horsing into the tay in lockdown

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