Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


The Tipperary condition.


I always seen him as a happy go lucky type of guy making the best of what he has.


It’s more of a rugby condition bud.


I knew you wouldn’t let me down



I loves me county.


Should have a stream for Munster game. Will post closer to kick off.


Your alright mate


@gilgamboa I was speaking with a staunch Munster supporter on Friday. He was seething at the coverage and double standards at play. In particular he expressed his ire at Stephen Ferris’s comments. Maybe its been mentioned already but he said Ferris played in an Ulster side that was captained by a convicted drugs cheat?


Did you post this exact thing before?


He did a fella called carla del fava an italian. Now I remeber del fava well and remember him captaining ulster but tbh never knew hed served a drugs ban til this week. I think fellas getting worked up about the media treatment of their team is the biggest waste of energy of all time. Who gives a fuck unless your being led by the nose by the media?

Some of the coverage gave me a laugh alright, like OTB saying this had ‘contaminated the Munster brand’ ffs go and fuck yourselves and your wank talk.

Did amuse me alright that all the Leinster fans and media were giving it holly about Munster bringing in two teens from SA into the academy. Then the other day its announced that Leinster had signed a lad from Hawaii whos barely played rugby and straight into academy…not a dickie bird about it :joy::joy:

Getting up on your high horse because your pro sports team has a moral superiority over another is a fair fools errand because sooner or later they will all revert to the mean


Did I ?


I only saw the photos of those two other academy lads now. Philip Browne was on the radio the other night and seemed to suggest “the environment” Grobalar had trained in South Africa was an issue. It’s a bit odd then they would go sign another two juiced up looking players from the same “environment”


Was a very very poor misstep from Browne. Never seen him as rattled as he was the other day. Most of the project players are from SA and Ulster have a good scatter of them too. Was stupid comment (even if there was an element of truth in it).

It would have been far better to say that these SA players want to come to Ireland because of the better player welfare system…two birds with one stone

TBF Id say he had fuck all to do with the Grobler signing but because Nucifora is out of the picture for now and possibly the foreseeable he had to deal with the fall out, and in circumstances he couldn’t hang Nucifora out to dry for it either.

Ah the media lads were having a field day with the young SA academy lads as well. Hilarious that they have ignored Leinster doing similar



Bollox. I was just settling down to watch it.


There are some Munster players who should probably say nothing at all on the matter


It’ll be bedlam inside there. Fellas on the beer since 11:30.


Will this be on TV now?


Rogbee fans are fairly mild