Munster Rugby - We DID start the fire (Part 1)

The cunts have gone bust :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Dont get my hopes up. Where did you hear that


It’s all over town.




A glorious day for Irish sport if true


I’m giddy as fuck on the back of this news

We won!

ah jayses, we’re going to need some evidence a little bit stronger than the rantings of scuzz addled wiki- fiddling sham.

I’ve had no word on this from my impeccable sources. I’ll make a call in the morning

Up your bollox @Mac[/USER], [USER=181]@The Runt[/USER], [USER=180]@myboyblue[/USER], [USER=1117]@Anto[/USER], [USER=1578]@Batt the Ladd[/USER], [USER=122]@dancarter[/USER], [USER=9]@Bandage’s attacker etc etc


Just when Jerry Flannery got the forwards coach position, fucking brilliant if it’s true

Don’t try and hide your disappointment

I hate that shower of jumped up cunts

Jaysus, I made one trip to Thomond Park and it fucked them!!

Has he really? Bit if a career step back no? I admire his loyalty but from a sports science POV Arsenal is surely a more interesting job than Munster? He could go back there at any time.