Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Shure the only tactic is give the ball to the big fat lad and let him bounce off another few fat lads.


They picked that one up looking over to gaelic grounds


Spygate 2.0


I spoke to an U12 coach once who was looking to get a drone to video their training :smile:


An overhead shot of the tyre pull would be savage.


I could do with that at our lads training. I might be able to figure out who is running off with all the sliotars


I didn’t know @Horsebox had a video camera?


ASR bringing more shame to the Limerick sporting public


ASR is hurling country now mate. We won. :clap:


I can tell this is hurting you.


The rubby keeps the fat lads in ASR occupied.


Finished 66-7.
Only one supporters bus went and was not full

Limerick hurling -WINNING


Now to conquer Munchins and the Comp.


Munchkins sound like they are finishing themselves off. Place is gone to fuck


So I hear

New school in mungret is the future. Oversubscribed for first year places next September


Shameful backtrack from Munster and the IRFU here.


And now they are the sporting franchise of choice for convicted killers.


Was his conviction not quashed? No longer a convicted killer if that’s the case.




Convicted drug cheat comes on the field here for Munster to a rousing cheer from the Thomond faithful