Munster Rugby - Specialists in Failure


Just saw the savage try for munster tonight, twas savage.


It was savage alright


Fitzgerald lively bit of stuff, bit light I’d say. Needs to ahem, bulk up


The little slip pass was sublime.





Munster will beat racing metro next week.


After watching Racing today , they are running on fumes. We will stuff them next week.


You’re getting great mileage out of the IPTV


I’m watching Italian football and NBA here…flicking between both. Madrid + Malaga on Bein also.


Which iptv ye using.


The one with the stations.


Are you heading to bordeux @Tassotti


He’s the guy that I used to get my Dodgy Sky subscription off a while back before Sky changed the codes. He’s very good and a fair few from TFK have signed up with him.


Send me a pm three with the details. I was subscribed with one that got closed down. I’m with another now and the layout is rubbish


Cheers bud


Take the 24 hour trial anyway… Blue button and sort stations by groups.


By all accounts Munster won hearts & minds in SA .


twee simpletons sucking up to racists


There will be incredible banter when the minibus carrying six Limerick dockers in drink-stained red jerseys pulls into Kinshasa tonight.

An epic journey. They should just about make it to Bordeaux by Sunday.