Murder or Crusader

A witness in a murder trial said he saw the accused man strike the raider of a supermarket with a knife at least three times before running back to strike him again.

David Wilson (22), of Marigold Avenue, Darndale, Dublin, denies murdering Paul Howe (22) at the Central Criminal Court as he tried to make his getaway following a robbery at Supervalu on the Howth Road on October 8, 2008.

It is claimed Mr Wilson stabbed Mr Howe of Glenshane Crescent, Tallaght, Dublin, as he tried to climb over a wall in the car park of the store after he carried out an armed robbery with another man.

Colm Coughlan, who was working in the store on the night in question, told the court he saw four men and a security guard chasing the victim into the car park after the raid on the shop.

He said: “The security guard got a hold of him and had a bat in his hand and was hitting the robber trying to get him to the ground.”

Once the security guard had got him to the ground, the four men started kicking him, at which point the security guard stopped and signalled at the others to do the same.

Mr Coughlan, who identified the accused as one of the men in the group, said: "I noticed Wilson getting something into his hand, a shiny silver object, and he started striking at the robber with it.

“People were trying to stop him and he did stop and walk away but he ran back and struck him once more with the silver item.”

Mr Wilson then walked toward Mr Coughlan, still holding the silver object in his hand, which he then saw was a knife.

“He asked me to take it, gestured it towards to me and I saw it and said: ‘No I’m not going near it’,” Mr Coughlan said.

The court heard that security guard Deepak Daulat was alerted by staff members that the store was being robbed.

He said: “I pressed the panic button in my pocket and saw one guy putting a knife to the girl’s neck telling her to open the till.”

A second raider was running toward the door so he picked up a walking stick and hit the door with it in an attempt to frighten him, the court heard.

Mr Daulat then chased the raider out the door accompanied by a number of men, including Mr Wilson, who had been standing outside.


He saw the first raider climb over the wall and caught up with the second raider as he was trying to climb over.

He said: “I grabbed hold of his jumper and pulled him down. I didn’t see a knife until he fell down and he had the knife in his right hand.”

The raider swung at his neck twice with the knife and shouted at him to let go or he would kill him, the court heard.

Mr Dualat hit the raider’s hand with the stick and the knife fell but he did not see where it went.

He told prosecuting counsel he then saw a man with a knife stab the raider three or four times before walking away and coming back to stab him again.

The trial, which is expected to last two weeks, resumes tomorrow.

Murder I’d say.

Ya, I’m all for vigilante justice but I’d say this was just out and out murder.
The fact he went back for another go will be his downfall.

Yeah murder, no need for that. When a bullock breaks out you don’t bring him back into the crush and stab him. You bring him back into the crush, leather the fcuk out of him with a wavin pipe and leave him starve in a holding pen for a few days.

Touch of Nally about it the way he went back to finish him off.

Yes but we have no proof that the victim here was a traveller.

Anyone know what sort of cartridge Nally used to shoot Froggy? I suppose in the absense of an elephant gun you’d need a minimum of a ‘pheasant’ cartridge.

Nothing like Nally case for me, Nally was tormented in his home, this fella was at work and had his job done only to go postal. He’s in bother.

Using a knife in an assault during which the victim is not posing a threat is murder. Simple as that really.

Using a gun in an assault during which the victim is not posing a threat is murder. Simple as that really.

This fella wasn’t at work, he was just hanging around the shop!

Spot on farmer, we should all thank our Good Lord that the laws of the land came down on the side of poor aul Padraig Nally.

I read it that he was the security guard? Ah he’s fucked so!

I read it that the security guard chased the raiders out the door and 4 four men who were hanging arounf (of which the defendant was one) joined him in the pursuit.

I knew a Colm Coughlan from North Dublin - I wonder if it is the same bloke. If it is he must have gotten lost somewhere along the path to becoming an accountant.