Murdering horse racing bastards

They even suspected horses would die, and carried on, fucking cunts.

Changing ground from good to firm mid meet is well dodgy.

2 horses fatally injured in the bumper. That’s a fair achievement.

Conditional jockey Donagh Meyler was handed a 21-day suspension after the stewards found he had not ridden the third placed Indian Fairy to achieve the best possible placing in the opening race.

As I said , well dodgy and ground declaration clearly bogus. I have little pity for owners who run horse on firm, but declaring it good and then changing it to firm is kuntish

[QUOTE=“Kid Chocolate, post: 961905, member: 553”]Changing ground from good to firm mid meet is well dodgy.
Yeah but that’s not what they did so your point is irrelevant

While using emotive language with words like ‘murderer’ may make you look like the crusty oiks that inhabit the seedy world of hunt saboteurs, I can empathise with your point of view to a great extent. Five horses killed in the course of entertainment is passed off as if it was the death of christians in the Colosseum back in the day and the lives of such beings were held in a similar vein by pagan hordes. The only difference now is that the current horsey set hate to see one of the garishly attired dwarves get injured so maybe they have come on a little bit in the last 2000 years.

However, days such as this merely highlight the savage nature of horsey folk and their complete lack of empathy with their charges. Their God is money and the pursuit of same and the slaughter of a few mares is a small price to pay for the money they will make. They are covered by insurance anyway and they get to feed the dead horses to their rabid hunting dogs before they get set loose to chase foxes down the countryside equivalent of a one-way street.

But the real scandal is that shit holes like Clonmel get paid to host such events from the public purse to the tune of thousands of euro per meet. They don’t have to get a single punter through the fucking door and it is still worth their while opening up. Something wrong with that lads.