Music streaming services

Right, I’m sick to the teeth of Amazon unlimited. It keeps removing songs from my playlist, even though they are still on the catalogue.
Anyhow, I’m going to change.
Recommendations please?
I’m order of importance
1 and 2. Streaming quality the highest available and size of catalogue
3 price
4 kids can use it too (has family plan)

tidal hits all points but its 30 quid a month for hifi family plan.

you can get deezer hifi, dont know if they have a family plan but it has a bigger catalogue than tidal

you can try both with a 1 month trial to see which one suits you best, but ud say for music quality, itll be tidal

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Have you used Tidal mate? I got a decent set of speakers a while back and the man selling them recommended using tidal over Spotify to get the best out of them. Would aficionados like @flattythehurdler @Fagan_ODowd or @farmerinthecity notice much difference?

i ditched spotify last year for tidal, they had a new year offer of 3 months for €3. tried out a few 360 and masters and 360 tracks and it was a huge difference. would recommend.

but use the sign up offer to try it, you wont regret it


Thanks, I’ve been looking at it there now, and tidal seems to be the way to go.
What I’m stuck with is I currently cast my phone to a Google Chromecast, which is plugged into a DAC and then into the amp. I suspect this downgrades the signal a lot.
What I’d like is a dedicated device which can independently pick up tidal whenever I turn the system on, and play my playlist at high quality.
Does such a thing exist ?
Edit, I’d want it to hardwire into my DAC or my amp, if it already has a DAC.

Sound. It’s a bit of an operation to rebuild playlists and things like that but might be worth the effort alright. Jumps to 30 a month after the offer though? Bit of a jump from Spotify but I suppose not huge in the scheme of things and if you’re using it regularly.

I find Spotify grand tbh.

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Unbelievable scenes here… The hipsters don’t like Spotify I spose… Its good value, has a family plan, has an unlimited catalogue as far as I can see and works pretty much perfectly all the time :man_shrugging:


Sometimes the right option is staring you in the face.


theres plenty of websites that can convert your spotify playlists to tidal, deezer, apple music et al but tidal also has an import playlist function. itll need a bit of tweaking as if you have live versions on your playlist it might pick up the album version and vice versa.

the 30 quid is for hifi plus which is a family plan but also has all the hifi, masters and 360 tracks.

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Just download for free and store on whatever divine you want.

grand for the cark set who listen to no fences and chris gaines albums sets on loop

Wot dá fuq


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I have a six month free trial of apple music. Sound quality is very good and the library is supposedly extensive. Spotify is just a bit more user friendly.

I’d be afraid to even look any of that up tbh. I’m using a company laptop

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I don’t really listen to streaming tbh. Mostly vinyls and the odd cd and cassette.

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That has an onboard amp. As my current amp is really good, I just want a streaming device.

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YouTube premium with music set up from Argentina for about 1.50 a month? Have it on all TVs and phones?

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