Nasal trimmers

Aging brings unwanted hairs. Worse of that appears to be nostrils doing a Rapunzel impersonation. Tried battery operated things. Tried some.made twisty yoke. None work and actually worsen the situation in some instances.

What works best for others? Anyone try that turkish barbers that use a flame or something?

I pull mine out sometimes

Yes just light a match under your nose.

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A right bastard. You have to be prepared to spend a few quid on a decent piece of equipment


You can get them waxed but I think going completely hair free in the nasal passage is unnatural.

I’ve started waxing recently it’s a great job

Serious snots build up

Such as? I’ve bought at least 3 torture devices which not only tank or cut my nasal hairs bit also slash and tear the inside of my nose. Barely a week later like two quarrelling badgers again sprouting from their respective dens

Anyone removing all of their nose hairs in 2019 needs their head tested ffs.

Fuck. Sounds drastic. Who would call that their occupation?

Would snot just fall out then?

I’m out now. I’ll get the details when I get home. I know what you are saying. Those horrendous cheap ones pull the inside of your nose

Shredded after. Couple of times even got an infection and needed a fucking antibiotic. So I’m trapped between cutting the shite out of them or having tails hanging from the nose.

Nads Nose Wax Kit. For your nose. Not your Nads.


There’s nothing quite like a shorn nasal passage

Very informative suggestion. Doesn’t go too far and remove all hair? It’s does have some use after all. Its just the ones under the underside of the nose tip I’m trying to rid myself of

If you don’t have any nasal hair you’re taking in all amounts of germs and bacteria, Jesus I can’t believe people are still removing all nasal hair in this day and age

I just pluck mine when protrudes past the nostril

Afraid that stage has passed. Would almost need a pulley system instead of pluckers.

Yeah, that’s what I’d be fearful of. They serve a purpose; just don’t want the haggard ones briaring past start of my nostril. Rest can bunker down.