The layout and design of this website is hopeless particularly having to enter the number of a particular page into a box at the end rather than simply being able to scroll sideways. Employ a new graphic designer or ask the lads for some tips.

Hi @Myrrve, thanks for your suggestions. Any other observations you’d like to make?

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Its design is to be blamed on the last remnants of British culture on these islands.


Is @Myrrve the fella who had all the things to say about the Ana Kriegel case?

Hi Myrvve, it’s Bandage from the admin team here.

Thanks for your observations. I will pass them onto our innovation and design unit.

cc @Rocko @RockoPlayedRugby


Get off boards you gimp.

I’m going to leave this action with @Myrrve for now. Please ask for both layout and design tips over at Boards and report back with your findings. Thanks.

You moron!

Can I ask what numbers you are entering where?

This is the crux of it, I must be doing it all wrong

Have you tried shoving your thumb up your hole?

Scrolling sideways. Hahaha

Typical Mick mentality on display here. Unable to take any sort of constructive feedback.

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