NCCA College Football 2019

150th season of College Football kicking off at midnight with a “week 0” game between Miami v Florida in Orlando.

Tate Martell warming up with the Miami wideouts.

Anyway, hard to see anyone laying a glove on the big 2 this year. Bama and Clemson are NFL feeder teams. Really interested to see what Justin Fields can do after transferring to THE Ohio State. He was considered a better prospect than Trevor Lawrence 12 months ago but never got a look in at Georgia.

LSU and Texas should outplay their odds. Buckle up, Week 0 starts now!

Exciting finish here between Northern Iowa and Iowa State.

3rd overtime.

Oregon leading 14-6 against Auburn, good game.

Fucking game now, 21-13 with 10 left in the 4th.
Auburn inside the 10.

From 21-6 to 21-20.
Game on.

The Ducks cheerleaders :heart_eyes:

Shaughnessy in for Herbert, all Limerick personnel here.

Fucksake, long snap to a new QB and run into into a slam defense.
We are fucked here.

All set for Bo Nix to steal the week 1 headlines.

And he fluffs his lines this time…

They’ll get the ball back.

Both Ds standing up here.

Let’s go Bo.

Fuck you Bo

Where’s the flag??


Poor throw