Nearly crashed the car

Reversing out or a petrol station only for the cunt beeping me as he passed on my a blind spot I was fucked.

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I’m racking my brains to think of a time I’ve needed to actually reverse out of a petrol station.

Anyways I’m glad to hear you are safe buddy.


Where was your SNA?


Thank god you’re alright to still post.


He was probably on another thread when he heard the beep.


Keeping an eye on Bolivian Tennis id say

I was probably @Ambrose_McNulty in the other car thinking where is this thick cunt going!!?

Only you would be stupid enough to reverse out of a petrol station.


What did I tell you about those Save the 8th stickers on the back window? Ironically enough, they could get you killed prematurely.

Reversing out of a petrol station? Onto a road? :thinking:

This can’t be true, nobody is that stupid, right???

Amateur hour.

Hope you’re alright buddy. A little close one like that is no bad thing every now and again, it’s make us focus.

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@anon26343222 taking the baton from lapsed poster @Thelinkwalsh for most dangerous driver on the forum.

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He has lads foaming at the mouth.

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@Breaking_my_balls should follow him for an hour or two and get him off the road. Not too closely behind though by the sounds of it


Sure all it takes is a moment of madness, like watching a piece of ass on the sidewalk or some other anomalies that face a man while driving.

That doesn’t explain sticking the car in the wrong gear

I’m putting you off the road pal, you’re not to drive that car anymore