Neil Ruddock

What a disgrace of a professional - and to think that he actually played for Liverpool

Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has revealed that he was once told to make sure Neil Ruddock had a ‘weight clause’ in his contract.

Jordan recalls the incident during an interview in The Guardian newspaper.

He said: "Fatty Arbuckle - Neil Ruddock - wanted to sign.

"Harry Redknapp told me to make sure I had a weight clause in his contract, 98 kilos, or whatever. And if he’s over that then fine him 10 per cent of his wages.

“That’s the only way to ensure you get a fit and focused Ruddock.”

It’s a joke isn’t it - imagine in this day and age having to keep tabs on the weight of a professional and all they’ll respond to is money.

Bandage is yet to deny there was a similar clause in his contract with the bank which ultimately made his position untenable.

Ruddock was the cancer in our team in the mid nineties - he was the guy that was driving the Spice Boy’s Win-or-lose-we’re-on-the-booze mentality. We had a decent team then playing decent football and should’ve been challenging United - and he was shit player

There was no clause in the contract but the decision to quit had been weighing on my mind for quite some time. I chewed the fat with some of my friends and the advice was to wait and see. Their words gave me some food for thought but I quit anyway. I don’t really regret it cos I’ve got my finger in a lot of other pies at the moment.

Other jobs lined up? Fat chance. Still given the choice I’d plump for no job over year-end accounting any day.

I’m coming back up to Dublin on Friday to start the job search. I wonder will I find one in the pub over the weekend?

As for Ruddock; he’s a twat but there was all manner of jumped up idiots in that side who believed their own hype and went on to achieve fook all in the game - Babb, Collymore, Fowler to name but a few.

Look at you taking me all seriously when I was just continuing the fat theme.

To be fair to Babb at least he played a proper role in a world cup - the others never achieved half of that.

I recognised the fat theme but didn’t want to be accused of thread hijacking by farmer.

He’s a nice lad so fat chance he’d do that though.

Met Ruddock in jax in Lillies’s about 5 or 6 years ago, he was with West Ham at the time. Pissed out of his fat head and had a match pretty soon after, he had just dropped the kids off at the pool and I can confirm he is a smelly fook.

Not content with Big Brother and I’m a Celeb, Ruddock is off to Masterchef now. Some man to keep his name out there, a lack of self respect helps I guess.

mans got to make a living somehow. Better than being balls naked on league of their own anyway

He had a sweet left peg .

If anything Masterchef is a step upwards on the ladder

Some list of nobodies on that ladder