Neil Warnock

[url=]Warnock Resigns!

Man City is the place for him or maybe Norn Iron

He’s a clown. Championship level at best.

Doing a wonderful job at Cardiff . Great to see one of the game’s good guys doing well . He can be an abrasive character at times but a real old school football man .

I’d love to see him at city though



A great guy.

Hopefully we see Neil in the premier league next year, it’s where he belongs.

An UUCOAM, lacks class.

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He’s only fucking back in the game :joy: :joy: :joy:

Can’t keep a good man down.


Be some change of pace to go from Woodgate to Warnock for the boro lads. A metaphorical and possibly actual boot up the hole coming their way.

What will Robbie do now I wonder. He’ll have made a small fortune in payoffs the last few months

The qpr four year plan documentary is the greatest documentary of all time.

He’ll keep them up and all. In Warnock we trust

A good man and a great man

Big win yesterday for Boro against fellow relegation candidates stoke. Warnock has worked his magic already.

His promotion record in lower divisions is outstanding. If Boro stay up expect they’ll be in epl within 3 years

Did a decent job again

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Neil Harris did some job taking over from him at Cardiff. 14th to 5th