NEW FAI Home Kit Launched

I’ve seen worse

Have a read of some of the marketing bullshit about it, it’s pure comedy gold.

yer wan in that photo is savage.

F-ooooooooooooooo-king hell.

New Kit Features:

• The traditional colour of the Irish team was a darker shade of green rather than the Emerald Green, of recent years. The shade for the new kit is called St Patrick’s Green which is one of the key changes from recent kits.

• Hooped socks: worn by Irish teams through the 50’s and 60’s including legends such as Johnny Giles. It is believed that the hooped sock makes it harder for defenders to read what attackers are about to do.

• Gold trim: added to the new version of the FAI crest and the seam detail takes inspiration from the iconic caps awarded to players at the end of each international season.

• New Anthem jacket: as with the kit, no detail has been over looked and small touches like the ribbed collar and cuffs and the use of the gold Eire embroidery on the back neck, ensures that the Irish team will be ready for anything.

Best looking kit we’ve had for a long time, a bit retro looking. The hooped socks are the job and having no orange on the jersey is a bonus.

I like it too.
Plain and simple-O’Neills, Azzuri and the like could learn a thing or two for the Gah jerseys.

Too flashy for my liking. Stupid looking stripes down the side.