New jersey in GAA

Some of these are smashing.

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A right trip down memory lane there; Buckler on the Wexford jerseys was a fairly random sponsorship deal

:heart::heart::heart: the Shaws Limerick one is class.

Obviously no Ukrainians working there thank god cc @Massey

You’d be like Tom Ryan going around.

I know. The dream

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A one season deal it seems.

1996 will never be topped. Not just for what happened that year either.

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We need managers to pivot from the tracksuits and back into this attire.


I was a strange child. I used to draw pictures of imaginary GAA kits based on association football jersey styles of the time.

I drew up an Adidas Dublin jersey based on the 1995/96 Liverpool jersey with Guinness as the sponsor. It was a very nice jersey too.

My Liverpool Umbro design of the time was not as nice and looked like Aberdeen.

I went full kit wanker when I drew up an Umbro Mayo kit based on the 1992/93 Aston Villa template.


St. Tom’s Ambulance

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We were a proper country back then

The Gaelic Gear years were awful jersey wise

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Did Tom have links to clonoulty in Tipp?

He does. He’s related to Kevin Ryan who played midfield for them in 89 and 97


After my beloved Black and Amber jersey, have to admit to having a soft spot for the Sligo ensemble.
Understated,class and stylish.
(Like ourselves really)

Didnt Dublin GAA bring out a similar one to the Argentinian football one,recently? @Cheasty
Was nice,if I recall correctly.

Could do with business professionals making the same pivot (minus the bib). Covid has a lot to answer for.

What’s the story with all these new jersies. They look very cheap / Ali Express / fast fashion style. Not just GAA mind.