New jersey in GAA

Nicky laughed

Hungry shower of bastards

Is Scan Concannon managing them this year?

You must be a Moorefield fan🤣

It’s just that famed Laois Kildare rivalry that he loves to stoke .

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Christ no, my afilnity would be Sars if any with a grá for Ballykelly. But to do that is the definition of hungriness. They’re a very odd club at times.

Fyi .Anyone that has affinity to them would call them “the Sash” :thinking:

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They are old and they are beautiful, and their colours they are fine.

If I were a sponsor then I wouldn’t be too happy with that idea - your logo isn’t on the jersey and instead you have a QR code which hardly anyone will look up

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what better way to see if a sponsoship is working than by having a unique QR code to track it?

I don’t get you?

Sponsorship of a GAA Club isn’t about what you’ll get out of it. It’s about being seen to be supporting the club and community. If you’re hoping to make big sales out of it you’re in the wrong game.

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Unless you’re a pub!

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That’s a fair point :joy:

back in the day certainly, but now theres a quid pro quo

If I’m sponsoring a team I want my name on the jersey not a QR code

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The hungry bastards weren’t happy with just 3 names.

There is no money in sponsoring GAA clubs. Even Intercounty sponsorship really is a money pit. There’s little-to-no monetary return directly or indirectly.

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Also who the fuck sends the jersey to Croke Park for approval

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