New low for GGA 187465432630

He’s not really going to make a victory speech, Jesus fookin Christ.

Tipperary celebrated when they rode Clare, it doesnt surprise me that Meath do the same.

Did he thank the ref?

This makes the riding of Clare look like a kiss and a cuddle.

Ya. Shocking stuff. What is the point in having umpires, two of them, if the referee can’t take them aside one by one and ask them how the goal was scored. Then make a decision. It takes 30 seconds.

Yours in feeling sorry for the wee county,

The two of them stood there like rabbits in the headlights. There needs to be proper standards brought in for umpires, because these lads were the biggest disgrace I’ve ever seen.

I feel sorry the ref and the officals.
They obviously didn’t go with the intention to “do” Louth but they will never be forgotten for this.

No sympathy Runt, that was an obvious decision that they refused to take the time over to get right. They rushed it, and for that should swing.

The ref just saw a wall of bodies, both umpires though should have seen the square ball firstly and then the obvious throw into the net. Absolutely farsical. Did the umpires get any clatter coming off the field? They didn’t have any Garda protection!!!

Ah here, I bet you he feels like absolute shit at the moment and will do for some time after this. Obviously he fucked up big time and will have to live with the consequences for a long time.

Who was the referee today anyway?

Maybe next time he’ll take his time and get the decision correct? There was another umpire there that he didnt even see fit to consult? Was he in a hurry to go somewhere?

Sludden from Tyrone.

Sheridans behaviour was sickening as well.

I’m not talking about the decision, his actions or anything else. I’m just empathising with him on a personal level.

An ‘elite’ referee should be capable of retaining his composure in the most high pressure situations. The umpires probably didn’t have a clue about the rule so it was up to the referee to go in and get a description of what happened from them if his own view was restricted and make the decision accordingly based on the rules. If he didn’t do this then he’s a clown and shouldn’t be refereeing at this level.

Fair enough Runty, personally, I find it difficult to have sympathy for him, it was truly astonishing that he could see the reaction of the Louth players and still be so arrogant not to think “wait, something seems to be up here, these lads are genuinely distraught”.

The worst thing is, if Meath give the replay the cunts will probably railroad it the next day.

I agree with MBB on this one. Maybe I would have a bit more sympathy if he went through the correct procedures and consulted both umpires away from the players but he was very blaze about the whole thing.

He didnt. He shouldnt.

cue a shitload of retarded facebook pages popping up now from louth cunts mostly women with the titles like “we woz robbed demand the louth meath game be replayed” an such other shit

Louth manager looks as though he is seething there