New Music - I’m up my own hole thread

Hope of the States are back. That is good.

That’s a band I haven’t heard of in years.
I was side of stage when they went on to headline the new band stage at Witness/Oxegen in 2004. Some band called The Killers were on before them and I thought they were shite then (as I still do).

HOTS seemed like nice lads but were going through a fair bit at the time (their guitarist had just taken his own life).


Yeah, bit of a tragic story. Hung himself in the studio when they were recording the first album I think. I read an interview yesterday where they mentioned the pressure of The Killers getting really big, and every label wanted a guitar band to sell sell sell.
Their first album is good, second one too. I wouldn’t mind seeing them live.

China Bears

I am a big fan of Alan Sparhawk, but this new single is not doing it for me. I applaud him for pushing himself on the last few Low albums, and he seems always up for dipping into new sonic territories, but I’m not sure this album will be for me, but that’s ok. I still applaud him for doing something different to what I was expecting.