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In Rafa we trust

Signing in

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Rafa is an alright sort.
“I was hoping for a sofa and they’ve brought me a lamp”
He might say this again if he stays a while up there.

Great news for the club.

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Banters to follow !!!

Big Mike is there till he’s dead


The sunny uplands are about to be unveiled by Newcastle United’s new owners Saudi Arabia.

Signing in.

Howay the lads.

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Howay Akbar

Sweet fuckin nectar

There’ll be none of that now. Be a drink free zone in James Park once the Sauds get in. No more pork pies either.

Those loyal fans deserve real success

I hope they find a role for Gazza.


Flog On The Tyne

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As long as we have the deep fried mars bars we wont care!!!

Whats the punishment if the toon army refuse?

Newcastle really have sold their soul. I know lads will argue it’s the Premier League, that clubs sold their souls years ago to Sky, China, betting companies, etc.

But I honestly think the likes of Chelsea, City and now Newcastle have crossed a line. Where the owners are actively involved in the murder of ordinary citizens every week of the year, it is morally reprehensible.

Chelsea and City no longer have any true identity either. So few English players, nevermind local ones, one might as well be supporting a La Liga team. Now the Toon Army, a very admirable club up to now, seem content on becoming a Middle Eastern plaything.