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Boris Johnson versus Ken Livingstone (some other dude as well) on the Major of London with Paxman as chairman.

If Boris is on form then be prepared for laughs and loads of them…

Just one there ’ Ken - or Kenneth I should call you’. Livingstone ‘No Ken is my name’

Fook that shit Farmer.

There’s a show about gang bangs on channel 129 on digital - ironically enough the channel is ‘Virgin 1’.

Get your boxers around your ankles and the channel turned over.

Boris Johnson is the new Major of London - get ready for a pile of gaffs from him…

He was asked what his policy was on drugs - and he turned around to one of his supporters and asked ‘What is my policy on drugs?’

The outgoing Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone of the Labour Party, has been defeated by the Convervative party candidate, Boris Johnson.

Mr Johson won by a margin of almost 140,000 votes, polling 53% to Mr Livingstone’s 47%

The defeat comes after huge losses suffered by the Labour Party in the local elections in England and Wales.

After the announcement, Mr Livingstone, who had held the post for the past eight years, accepted the blame for his defeat.

Mr Johnson looked forward to a city united in its aims.

The result, which was announced late last night, will put further pressure on the prime minister, Gordon Brown, after Labour suffered heavy losses in local elections across England and Wales.

RT’s London Editor Brian O’Connell says it was the culmination of a disastrous day of local election results for Labour.

Just before midnight Mr Johnson was declared the first Conservative elected mayor of London since the job was created eight years ago.

A record turnout of 45% meant the count lasted hours longer than had been anticipated, with both Mr Johnson and Mr Livingstone polling over a million votes each.

After second preferences were allocated Boris Johnson had a six-point margin over Ken Livingstone.

Boris Johnson had been dismissed as a joke by many when he first stood for mayor.

But he now controls a budget of more than 11bn with responsibility for transport, policing and planning for a four-year term which will end just weeks before the 2012 Olympic Games open.