Niall Quinn

has just sacked himself there! I thought he’d at least give himself an ultimatum!

He said there was a 70/30 chance they’d have a ‘world class’ manager appointed before their next game. What an absolute shambles.

Delighted for all those publicans that invested in it. Karma for charging me a fiver for a pint I tell ya. :wink:

“World Class eh?” I meant to back Quinn to be first manager out of a job when he appointed himself but I couldn’t find odds on it anywhere at the time. He’ll be the ruination of that club with all his optimistic bluster while the team drops like a stone.

thought that he was very naive to take on the job as chairman and as manager too. at least he had the cop on to resign sooner rather than later and not continue on til say xmas by which time the team will be really screwed.

Niall Quinn is a creep and an idiot. Plain and simple as stated by Eamonn Dunphy ESQ

I refuse to slag Quinn, I’ve discovered myself how tough management can be with my Fantasy Premier League team, conceded earlier that some of my players just can’t cut it at the level required and shipped them out.

It’s been funny over the last few weeks watching Quinn slowly draw back from being the full time manager, at the moment he’s like: “Me, oh I never intended staying on, sure I was only doing it until we got a World Class manager”, whatever Niall. One hting is for sure they’re in trouble, losing to Bury last night is a joke.

Fuck me wasn’t expecting Keane.

Keane linked with Sunderland job

23/08/2006: Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn has promised to deliver a manager “who will give the people the lift they need” following a disastrous start to the season and Roy Keane has tonight been linked with the job.

Kevin Keegan, Alex McLeish, Graeme Souness and Peter Reid have all been touted but Sky Sports television reports that former Republic of Ireland captain Keane is ready to accept the job.

Quinn has reportedly offered Keane a contract, but it has yet to be signed. A spokesperson for both Sunderland and Keane could not be contacted.

How bizarre! Maybe it’s only the makings of a good story but one would have to question Keano’s judgement if he takes this one. Certainly make the championship more interesting! Given Keane’s history with Quinn its got all the makings of a soap opera. The irony of Quinn hiring Keane to replace McCarthy. Great stuff. If Quinn pulls it off he’d have won back some respect from me at least, I doubt he he gives a fook what I think though.

Former Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn has returned to his footballing roots once again.

Quinn, who won a Junior C football championship medal in 2008 has taken charge of the club’s second team for the coming year and was ratified at a recent club meeting.

The former Republic of Ireland player has gone from overseeing a high flying Premiership club to running the rule over Eadestown’s second string in what can only be described as a stark contrast.

Niall Quinns father has passed away.

The Mrs told me she met him Friday in the vicinity of STGH, she said he’s a grand lad.
RIP to his ould lad.

I see the father lived in Ballinure, Thurles, which is where the most famous INTERNETTER of them all came from.

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Why is this relevant as a post on this forum now? If Niall Quinn died fine but his auld fella…

When Ronnie Whelans auld fella or Kevin Morans auld fella pass away can we expect the same?


Did Ronnie Whelan or Kevin Moran have fathers of sporting renown?

Billy Quinn was a former Tipperary inter-county hurler. Captained Tipperary to win the 1953 minor All Ireland. Won a league medal in 1954 and played in the famous league final defeat to Wexford in 1956. Never won a senior All Ireland medal though.

Agreed, mawkish bullshit from @myboyblue


Never heard of him.

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Maybe if he was an aul horse or mangy greyhound the lads might have heard of him. Meant to have been a decent sort.

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Didn’t know the man but by pure chance ended up sitting beside him at the 2008 Munster Final in Limerick. Very nice man. He moved to Dublin shortly after he got married in the mid 50’s and that more than anything ended his inter-county career. Lived in Dublin for almost 50 years and in retirement moved back down to Thurles about 10 years ago.

Thanks for those notes on the deceased, mate.

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No problem. The 1956 league final is no doubt of particular interest to you. Wexford trailed by 2-10 to 0-1 at half time but launched an astonishing second half comeback to win by 5-9 to 2-14. Wexford also hold the record for overturning the largest half time deficit in an All Ireland final to win.

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