Any funny ones you’re aware of lady and gentlemen?

I was trying to pick a Wexford Hurling XV earlier but was limiting my choices to travellers.

There’s a load of travellers playing club hurling in Wexford and some of them have belting nicknames.

My favourites are Mylie ‘Daddles’ Connors and ‘Tiddley’ Tom Connors of Bunclody.

'Jaysus Tiddley Tom, will ya give ‘ere a pass to Daddles at all at all, wil ya?’

Then there’s John John Connors of the Shamrocks. There was already a John in the family so they call this lad John John. Gas.

One of my mates plays a good bit of sport but got fairly fat a couple of years back and one of the lads christened him ‘Burgers’. All his team-mates call him Burgers on the field now - 'tis great.

Brian Beano McDonald has to be one of the more famous ones.

Of course there’s always the Bomber.

I know a fella called dagger, get some looks ona hurling field when you shout “lamp it in dagger”.

I’d say gooch is the most famous. How he came about that name we’ll never know I’m sure.

Its because he’s an inbred fook thats why.

Hands of Piss is funny - doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue though…

You’d know I suppose.

Of course I’d know. Just look at him, holy jaysus.

A few years back there was a new doll called ‘the goochie doll’ it had red hair and big ears so his friends statred calling him gooch.

Wexford hurler Gizzy Lyng got his nickname cause his folks reckoned he looked like Gizmo out of The Gremlins.

South East Radio’s Alan Corcoran asked David O’Connor where he got the nickname Doc. Seriously.

I’m waiting for him to ask Rory Stafford where the nickname ‘Staff’ originated from.

What’s the origins of ‘Cha’? As in Cha Fitzpatrick.

I get annoyed by trivial things, not to the extend Farmer does, but I get annoyed all the same at times.

One such trivial thing is when commentators and journalists call players both their christian name and nickname. ‘Great play by James Cha Fitzpatrick there.’ Call them one or the other dipshits.

Isnt the gooch the area between ure balls and hole as well?

Even if he is an inbred fook what has that to do with ‘the Gooch’?

Or did you just throw that out there for the sake of it…

Thats your tisnt

as in tisnt your balls and tisnt your arse

Apparently because he had blonde short hair and his mates reckoned he looked like Charlie Brown of ‘Peanuts’ comics fame.
So they called him Charlie Brown which eventually shortened to just “Cha”.

Think Martin Comerford was called Gorta coz he was so skinny as a youngster, might be wrong on that though.

No, that’s strictly referred to as the barse area, i.e between your b(alls and your)arse.

Paul Hartley’s nickname is Zico - I don’t see the resemblance.

Stephen McManus is known as Mick - called after the old wrestler Mick McManus that used to wrestle Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. Or maybe Mick McManus was Giant Haysticks? Hmmmm.

Yeah you’re right there-Gorta is the Irish for ‘famine’.

What about that one on tv at the moment that McAteer refers to.
The soccer player ‘Musampa’ was nicknamed ‘Chris’ as in ‘Chrismusampa’.

Anyone else get pissed off when commentators put in the nickname and full name when commentating on players. For instance:

‘Great point from James Cha Fitzpatrick’

Call him James or Cha but don’t call him James Cha…

Other instances:

Brian ‘Beano’ McDonald
David ‘Doc’ O’Connor
Colm ‘Gooch’ Cooper
Michael ‘Brick’ Walsh

[quote=“Pikeman”]What about that one on tv at the moment that McAteer refers to.
The soccer player ‘Musampa’ was nicknamed ‘Chris’ as in ‘Chrismusampa’.[/quote]

Off topic but what a ridiculous advertising campaign. Eagle Star has changed to Zurich - big swinging mickey as they say in Wexford. Billboard pictures of McAteer, Samantha Mumba and Gordon D’Arcy all around the city. I’m Gordon, I’m also Darce. One guy in college even called me Graham for a month. We’ve all had different names - just like us here at Zurich were once Eagle Star. Get fooked dickheads. And breathe.

Kieran Star Donaghy
Brian Bruno McCormack
Terence Sambo McNaughton
Colm Woolie Parkinson

Seamus Moynihan was called Pony, not sure where that came from.

One of the best nicknames out there belongs to the jockey Niall Madden. His dad, also Niall Madden and a jockey, was nicknamed “boots” so young Niall became “slippers”.