Nicolas Anelka Hates French People

Anelka was the very definition of French.

Saw him live in croke park in 2009 and he was just on a different planet to everyone else on the pitch. An absolute beast physically and was destroying Ireland with his movement off the ball. He never stopped. The very opposite of lazy. He literally never stopped

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He’s the answer to just about every obscure premier league question too

What about half time?

Fucking brilliant player in fairness to him. Should never have been let leave liverpool.

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He was unreal for Bolton Wanderers in his time there. Sign of a good player when you can shine without superstars supplying you. Bolton were playing Harrogate last weekend which shows how far they have fallen

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Anelka was outstanding at City

He was outstanding that night to be fair.

One of the few times I’ve seen a top level match live where a guy went to a level the opposition just couldn’t handle.

YayaToure was another one.

Played on the right that night if I remember correctly.

Yeah, himself and Sagna did absolute wreck down that side. Anelka was playing inside when the ball was on Henry’s side. Gignac was shit and Henry had an off night.

The French are going to wreck the place over these pension changes.