North county corncrake revelation


It came to my attention in Glasgow today that some of north county corncrake's friends called over to him on the morning of his wedding a few years back.

He had been holed up in a Brisbane hotel and was settling his pre-wedding nerves with a few drinks in the lobby and had invited the lads over to get the day going in the best way possible.

The entourage arrived into the hotel just after breakfast and were met with the sight of NCC kicking back with a whiskey while wearing a Dublin GGA jersey.

I'm shocked.

Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage
Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage

I heard NCC was involved in a freak boating accident when he was younger and has no willy.


I heard that when he was 9 a girl took his place on u/10 football team and he has held a grudge since the GAA ever since.


I always knew he was one of those skangers on the hill!!


I once had a passing inter the GGA but i found the institutional bigotry in the organisation was a turn off


Classy gent:p


Why are ye all surprised lads....This is the same North County Corncrake that attends every Dublin championship game in croke park....


Most people would have at some stage had some sort of interest in GGA. Some of us realise how backward and bigoted the whole organisation is and know better than to continute to support it in anyway. Barrup and bout.


big time, thats the difference between urbanites & muldoons - we have the ability to cast a critical eye on something & change if needs be- they are stuck in their ways ,backward entrenched & bigoted


BUt then you switched to Wrestling. MMM

I thought you were american anyway, what fucking interest would you have in the GAA you lard arsed trailer trash mongo


thats a good point- as the GGA is just a rural muldoon sport & has never spread outside of rural Ireland why would urbanites or people from different countries care for it


Urbanites all over Ireland love the GAA.

Just curious why an American geek like Flano would have had an interest in it in the past.

Barrup wahay slurp slurp ball ox ass


urbanites all over Ireland - WTF


Yes of course


All major urban centres.


By urban he means west brit dan, i.e Dublin


If you draw a big semi-circular line around Dublin that's what Ncc means, for handiness lets just call it the Pale


Sorry, bout that NCC.

So Dublin is West Britain aka urbanites area

The rest are major Irish urban settlements.

This clear definition should put an end to a lot of silly quarreling on here wink


give it up you WUM


Gas stuff:D


whats the revelation??....NCC is a hypocrite...jeez thats some revelation....I'd say poor ol NCC has tried to align himself to many causes in an effort to belong to something...then turns bitter when he's not accepted...hence his views on the 'gga'...