Not another Trump thread, zzzzz

Who is with me

Fuck off, you fucking fool.

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why am I a fool

@ChocolateMice @carryharry @corner_back @glasagusban @ironmoth

Vote yes for war

So drumb was right to mock a disabled man


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Trump, Joe … TRUMP!!!

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are you in

If you edit the thread to say Trump i’ll sign in. Until then i’m with Elvis.

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I’m in. Trump is an awful cunt.

I’m in now @Joe_Player.

@Joe_Player is right, Trump’s stance on refugees is a disgrace.

That was mean.

Yes darling?


What does forum stalwart and republican voter @briantinnion make of this,I’d says hes voting for Carly forina

Trump is a narcissistic cunt who has a lot of populist support simply because he is saying publically what a lot of Americans feel is correct, but cannot say because it is politically incorrect. He is not a politician, so he isn’t trained to lie every time he opens his mouth. Because he speaks the (his) truth, he is going to shoot himself in the foot frequently. A lot are smart enough to understand this. US politicians are 100% owned by the largest corporations and while they will pay lip service to inequality and policies that are destroying the country, they will do nothing as their sugar daddies will cut off the cash supply that gets them elected. The American dream is over for an ever increasingly % of the population, Trump is tapping into the anger associated with this, plain and simple.


The house and senate are rotten to the core,almost every one of them is bought and paid for by special interests,it’s hard to see it ever getting better

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I agree with your sentiments Joe as he is one hateful dumb fucker. I’ll sign in if he’s still around closer to next November. For now he’s stirring the pot nicely and making shit of the Republican party which is no bad thing.

The people will decide, not TFK.