Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


Both Rita Ora and the Hibs physio are rough/roughish at best.


Incidentally, the chap she is scrutinising in the bottom pic doesn’t look particularly athletic.
Did he win a competition?


More likely to be a goer then


She looks fearsome.
In a good way.


Defo would.


Jesus Christ she is a fucking outstanding specimen of womanhood


Rita is lovely. What I find odd about her though, she has the facial features of a black lady, despite being of Kosovon ethnicity.


The Hibs physio looks like a very, very cheap prostitute. Rita Ora is off the chain hot. An infraction for the poster who posted her here and a lifetime ban for anyone who does it in the future.


Rita is of this thread for sometime. The kid stays in the picture.


Emilia Fox from Silent Witness, she’s 41 one so could qualify for the 'aul wans thread as well.


She’s rough


like something youd see horsing bags of frozen chips out of a freezer in tesco with a gaggle of ankle biters swinging out of a trolley


She’s fucking wrecked.


Not rough, rough should be fucking horrible to the point you wouldn’t be able to force yourself up on her.


Tesco would be too good for her. Iceland I’d say




Not a woman




Benchmark for rough. Trust Limerick Citaay


Gas man…What part of Ireland would you not find that in?? There’s certainly enough of it floating around Ennis and the backwater towns of Clare, pal.