Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


Oh granted I’m sure. Not too many mind you that trade a Dundon for a rapist.


At least she never went as low as a Clareman.


The two lads jumping to take offence on Limerick’s behalf, and neither want to live there :thinking:


I’m living in Limerick, mate.


Just until you’ve eaten what’s left in the cupboard


If you put your hand up like that, expect it to be taken off.




Rebecca Loos


Is that yer wan that claimed that Beckam got up on her?


He did get up on her


I didnt say he didnt


I’d say he put her on top judging by that photo pal.[quote=“Tassotti, post:591, topic:7996, full:true”]
He did get up on her


Iskra lawrence


Some hole on that


Oh yes :clap:




There is a fair bit of cushion for the pushin on her. :slightly_smiling:


I just can’t get on board with this big arse thing. Don’t like it at all.


+1. Her arse is so fat it’s coming out the side of her and around to the front. Horrific looking yoke.