Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


Priti Patel, UK MP and Brexit campaigner


She’s a pretty petal.


I love you looooonggg time mister.


Sky news now paper review the lovley Isabelle.


Is that the one that is on at the moment?





You’d need a JCB to get me off of her.


Is that the best you can do, a big dirty fucking url that’s half a page long?


She’s mad too so that’d help. But if a derval face on her all the same.


Forum Favourite named in the BBC’s top 100 women of 2016



Who is she, pal?


Iskra Lawerence

They’d need this to get me off her


You’ll fucking love this!


A fine, natural looking lady.


Healthy looking lass. High replacement index.

5 stars.



I’m finding it hard to get this lady out of my mind since you bumped her yesterday.
She was the highlight of the year on tfk.


would you let her sit on your face?


I would, I’d encourage her to do it. I’d tell her to suffocate me and not to stop until it’s a medical emergency.