Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


She’s a fine mare alright tassotti




Rita ora is an unbelievably beautiful woman.


Agreed. I’d make shit of her chassis.
WTF is she doing in this thread?


She’s fucking unreal unbelievable. Top bird.


Fucking hell some pair.

She’s been hiding her true talent all this time.[quote=“myboyblue, post:683, topic:7996, full:true”]



Zoe Ball


Sara Cox “Coxy”


she has a horrendous accent, that burnley/blackburn drawl, like Paddy McGuinness


Coxy is a top lady mate.


I hope she wiped that piano stool after her.


she can sit on my face anytime


I’d give her some coxy.


Would you let her nosh you off?


Oh foxy Coxy. Use to listen to her breakfast show on Radio 1 when living in the UK. She was a dirty wench. Loved it. :slight_smile:


Garbine Muguruza a perfect fit for


Who is that cheap looking gypsy bird?


Some singer or other. Bless her.


There something very dirty looking about that bitch. I’d fucking kill her stone dead.

Edit: Kill her as in a lot of sex.


Look at the state of her head in the second picture, dear Jesus that’s just terrible. Who gave her a job singing songs?